This is a new concept! CBX mining so far was an instant process. But just like in the real-world mining scenario: Say of Gold Mining, there is a time factor involved between digging and getting the final output after smelting. After multiple consultations with economists and even with some players, ‘refining’ is the necessary step we have decided to implement.

So what does this mean for you as a farmer? 

For completing a CBX Mining session you will have to burn the necessary extracts + wait until ‘Refining’ to be completed.

The time required for ‘Refining’ will be based on a formula. Players will be able to see if their CBX mining is in-progress in the ‘Active Minings’ tab. Players will then need to ‘Claim’ the CBX after the mining is completed.

Check out the schedule for Standard ‘Refining Time’ for Mining CBX >here<