Currently, CropBytes accepts 3 crypto tokens and uses 2 networks

CBX (erc20) , USDT (erc20) 
TRX (trc20)

Each of these tokens has a wallet address that you can use to deposit your tokens to. The wallets are unique and accept only a specific token and token type. 

Funds are non-recoverable if
  • The deposit amount is less than 3 CBX/ 3USDT/ 5TRX
  •  Token is not CBX (erc20) / USDT (erc20) / TRX (trc20)
  • Deposit is a smart contract

To deposit, you need to have either of these tokens in your private wallet or exchange wallet.

To deposit using the App/ Mobile:

  1. Visit the wallet
  2. Select the currency you wish to deposit
  3. Generate your address (First time only)
  4. Copy your deposit address
  5. Paste the wallet from which you wish to withdraw (this step is on your private or exchange wallet)
  6. Confirm the transaction (this step is on your private or exchange wallet)

Once the transaction is made, It will appear in your game wallet after the network confirmation.